• Custom Support Software

    Optifile’s Electronic Imaging Solutions (EIS) provides customized support software. Their EIS products interface with the most current computer networks and mainframe computer systems. Electronically Imaged documents can be encrypted and stored on the Cloud/Internet with secure access. Optifile offers EIS solutions for any organization including: healthcare providers, legal firms, human resource departments, universities and insurance agencies.

  • Retrieval & Storage

    United Storage provides off-site storage with 24/7 access, while offering purge, packaging, transportation, indexing, storage, and destruction services. Chart Tracker, their search and retrieval software, is internet accessible and allows record searching using the customer's specific search requirements. Records requested from storage can be provided electronically as scanned documents or delivered to your location.

  • Release of Information

    Infocopy's team of highly trained release of information specialists provides superior R.O.I. services for companies required to maintain and disclose large quantities of documents. Internet access to the Infocopy Log and electronic delivery of records keeps customers fully informed on the status of all requests for release of their documents. Infocopy has the release of information solution for legal, insurance, medical, and service agencies.

  • Document Management

    United Micrographics and Imaging is recognized as an industry leader in the field of document management for providing the highest image quality and e-file management available in the industry today, by providing out-sourcing services for document scanning and indexing United Micrographics enables its clients to efficiently retain and access information contained in their files, thus resulting in increased productivity and performance.

Why choose UBC? Here's why!

UBC Group, is a company big enough to provide all of your document management solutions but not too big that its customers get lost in the crowd. The managers and account representatives in each division work closely with their customers so that every client receives the same personal service.

UBC Group, has its corporate headquarters in South Florida with regional offices in Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia; local branches ensure immediate attention and care for their customers on a regular basis.

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