At United Imaging you have options to store both your digital scanned images and your original paper files. After documents are scanned, backup DVD copies will be provided and the digital/images can be uploaded to your clients' servers or to the Cloud for Web Hosting. During the scanning process, UMG will make daily uploads of scanned files to your location, ensuring you have immediate access to the documents that have already been converted.

During the scanning process United Imaging will store the original paper files. The client will have access to files on line and can request original paper records to be returned as needed. After initial storage period and at client's request, UMG will continue to offer off- site storage or safely dispose of original records and provide certified document destruction.

All access to digital files is secure; storing documents with 256 bit encryption and transmitting documents using industry standard Secure Sockets layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption assures that. Access to all e-storage files is computer tracked and for each document selected, audit information is provided containing the details of the change or action showing which user performed a task and when the task was performed.

You can upload additional electronic files or scan new documents to the system. Documents are stored online with robust search and retrieval tools to provide you instant access. Searches can be done on the document indexes, the OCR document contents, as well as from indexed notes stored. The imaging application gives you the ability to move between pages, zoom, rotate, resize, and pan. You can copy, OCR, move files to folders, rename, delete, download, combine files into a PDF, and zip files.


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